Companies I've worked with, roles I've played

Here's a summary of the major events in my engineering career. If you'd like to read everything in order, start with the last entry at the bottom of the page. On the other hand, if you're interested in a more concise version you can download the CV file.

(Tech Sabbatical) Artistic Hyperfocus

Publishing my first novel, composing a music album, starting a trans-media long-term artistic project—pretty much my own version of having a baby ...

Going International & Mastering Product Agility

This is the period where I've had the most exposure to a large portfolio of products, methodologies and working dynamics, and built a stable long-term working relationship with a renowned global-scale development agency ...

Big City Jobs & The Trader Years

Moving cities, second startup, building products in different industries, and chasing the holy grail of foreign exchange automated trading ...

First Startup & The Mobile Hype

Building a business, getting into the boom of mobile apps of the early 2010s, and starting to flex multidisplinary muscles