I'm Alex, eclectic mix of technologist and multidisciplinary artist.

My first passion was music, I became obsessed with the guitar when I was a teenager. As a kid I loved watching movies and playing videogames, but wasn't overly interested in technology. Then at some point I saw The Matrix trilogy, and to me it wasn't just an entertainnment flick, no, it was a premonition. I remember thinking, "I want to know how the architect created this whole thing", funny, I don't recall phantasizing with being Neo.

More than 20 years later I'm seeing it slowly coming into reality, just look at the most recent AI/VR/AR stuff. It's both exciting and painful because the world is not ready and we're more likely to create dystopia than utopia. But here we are.

I'm working in carving a path between my artistic strands and the experience and skills I've built in the world of software over the years, I've had periods of polarization towards one or the other in different stages in my life, and I just seem to be always in a process of discovery where the ground is never fully settled.

Always exploring, always learning, I'm pretty good at a few things but I hope you never catch me saying that I'm an expert in anything. Eternal apprentice, because that's where the fun is at.