Back In The Game & Demo Reel

So it's early 2024, it's been more than a year and a half without coding, and I decided to get my feet wet once again.

I wanted to review the most recent workflows for developing full-stack web applications, and systems in general. Rust is going strong, so I spent some time getting familiar with it, I don't have something specific to show for that one though.

The web environment is still dominated by JS + Typescript, the first project you'll find in the demos section was made with NextJS, with a PostgreSQL database, and the service is hosted with Vercel. It's very fast to implement basic functionality, but as always, once you start getting into details and customization it gets trickier.

The other thing that has taken over the world is of course AI, so I wanted to check what OpenAI is offering to developers with their API, the second demo is intended to explore some of that.

Go take a look at the demos page.

My adventures with software aren't over, I'm intrigued of what comes next. I still believe in the power of the internet, although society doesn't seem to be ready for its potential for unification and trascendence. On the contrary we've seen the rise of new monopolies and more division, stagnant manipulation disguised as mindless distractions, and that is causing the loss of faith in technology.

But somehow in the measure of balance lies the answer. We need to evolve.