(Tech Sabbatical) Artistic Hyperfocus

Although this is the shortest entry in the career-summary, it's only because I'm keeping this page specifically dedicated to my history with software. But truth be told, this is the part that occupies the biggest place in my heart.

Several people have said it's debatable whether I should keep calling this a "sabbatical", since during this time I've been working, in fact probably more than in the past. But that's what I am, that's what I do. I work.

I've always seen software as an extension of the mind, and though I'm super grateful for the relatively successful career I've had in the field, it's precisely this restless mind that wants to break into many other realms, and explore the boundaries of creativity.

One of the ways to see the mind is as an incredible machine for crafting stories, and after many years without knowing how to exactly tap into it within me, I found a way of channeling this story-telling force through different mediums, allowing me to connect my background with music, writing, visual arts, and other areas, all in one larger vision.

I'll be publishing and releasing this work out in the world under the name Alex Frad. Head out to the other website to see more.

Or ... check out the next entry with some recent prep work for 2024 after this break from tech.