Tropical Years & My First Apps

I grew up in a tiny island at the north of Venezuela. This lovely place that has the same name of an alcoholic drink, Margarita, was for many a delightful touristic destination, but for me it felt more like I was imprisoned in Alcatraz.

It was definitely no tech hub or cradle of innovation. But ...
I was lucky enough to start working with a small studio of creative people with whom I developed a handful of really interesting applications despite the reduced economics of the region.

Major areas of focus

  • Educational videogames
  • Advertising applications and games
  • Augmented reality prototypes
  • Website development
  • 3D interactive exhibitions
  • Promotional apps for social media campaigns
  • Digital signage systems

This was a period of quick turnover in projects. Most of the applications were developed and delivered in a range of about two months, and this allowed me to explore different concepts and technologies rapidly. I used ActionScript heavily in most of these, which made the transition into full Javascript easier since they were pretty much the same standard. I also used PHP and MySQL over simple web servers when needed, but the strong side of the things I developed during this period was primarily in the interactivity and frontend-heavy functionality.

There's one more part to this early phase of my career in tiny cozy Margarita, read more in the next entry.